Online Community Super Admin Resources

Basic Concepts

Higher Logic Platform Overview (E-Learning Course)
Platform Overview (Product Documentation)

Site Editing

Web Editing/Content Management System (CMS)  (Product Documentation)
Web Editing/Content Management System (CMS)  (E-Learning Course)
How to Create Pages (Product Documentation)
How to Hide/Delete Pages & Content (Product Documentation)
Site Setup Pages  (Product Documentation)
Site Setup Pages  (E-Learning Course)
Widgets (Product Documentation)
Widgets (E-Learning Course)


Email Management Best Practices (Webinar Recording)
Whitelisting Instructions (HUG Resource)
View and Resolve Email Delivery Issues (Product Documentation)


Discussions Overview (Product Documentation)
Moderation (Product Documentation)
Configuring Discussion Templates (Product Documentation)
Enabling Questions & Answers (Product Documentation)

Automation Rules

Getting Started (HUG Resources)
Automation Rules (E-Learning Course)
Automation Rules (Product Documentation)


Data, Reporting and Benchmarking (E-Learning Course))
Reporting (Product Documentation)


Community Configuration (E-Learning Course)
Communities (Product Documentation)


Member Directory (Product Documentation)
Member Directory (E-Learning Course)


Resource Libraries (Product Documentation)


Gamification Configuration (E-Learning Course)
Gamification Strategy (E-Learning Course)
Ribbons and Badges (Product Documentation)